The Miraculous Guidance and Restoration of a Once Backslidden Christian Made Whole

By Cory James McLaughlin

I pray that this letter finds you well and abiding in the Saviour. I am writing you because I believe, firstly, that the Lord would have me do so. Secondly, because I love you; I care deeply for your soul. I trust that you will read this letter with a willing, hopeful and expectant heart, having ears to hear what the Spirit would say unto you this day my dear friend. . I have prayed whether or not to share the following with you and I am persuaded that it is the will of the Lord to do so… click here to read more


A Mighty Work of God: The Salvation of Miranda

By Miranda Corriz

Ever since I can remember, I grew up going to a church called Calvary Chapel in New Mexico. As I started getting older, it seemed that all I would hear from the pastors was that God loved me, He died for me, and that all I had to do to be saved was to accept Jesus into my heart by saying a prayer. I would go to church every Sunday, and I became religious in form because that was just what my family did. When I got into high school, I fell into wicked sins, and my conscience convicted me every time so that by the time Sunday came around I would just repeat the prayer again. Through this two-minute prayer, I was again and again instantly justified in my sin and would receive a false peace… click here to read more


The Wondrous Redemption of an Eleven Year Old

By Carolyn Wiegand with the help of her father Rudy Wiegand

In November 2011, when Daddy was seeking the Lord in Arlington, we went to a park
with Jordan, and on the way back, he preached on the terror of God. The other children were not listening very well. They were laughing in the back of the van. Jordan asked me about keeping the Ten Commandments, and I had to admit that I hadn’t. He went through all of them, and told us the consequences of not keeping them. When we got back to the church house, I went to my room, and I wept for a long time. I didn’t know Jordan very well, but I went to him later and told him that I wanted him to pray that the Lord would save me. He said I needed to seek the Lord with all my heart… click here to read more


How God Saved Me and Led Me to a Biblical Church

By Troy Dannenberger

My name is Troy Dannenberger. I grew up in an ungodly home. I was born out of wedlock; my dad left when my mom was pregnant with me, and I never saw him. I have three sisters, and every one of us have a different dad. I got into drugs and alcohol in my early teens. I had so much hatred in my heart at this time. My thoughts were always on violence and hurting people who had hurt me. At this time I had not acted on my thoughts, but Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”… click here to read more


From Death to Life: The Salvation of a Sinner

By Brett Michalk

 It is my sincere desire as I sit to write out a testimony of the workings of the Holy Spirit in my life that those who are saved would be edified and encouraged, and those who have yet to taste of the sweetness of Christ, whether they would profess him or not, would be provoked, reproved, and hopefully constrained by the words from this weak vessel to examine themselves to make sure that they are in the faith. In his mercy, the Lord has allowed me to experience many walks of life in the 24 years I have lived, ranging from a heathen man, to a religious Pharisee, a broken sinner, and finally, by the grace of God, to a born again Christian…. click here to read more


My Testimony

By Autumn (Keyes) Trudeau

Dear Friends,
I believe the Lord has laid it on my heart to give an account of His dealings with me. It will be a short account, Lord willing.
I marvel at the mercy God has had on me all my years up to this point, when I’ve carelessly been about my own business, walking in the lust of my own heart. Truly, I was “shapen in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me” (Psalm 51:5)…. click here to read more



By Stephanie Bailey

 To start out, I guess I should say that I was saved four months ago. The gracious God Almighty opened my eyes to the lies that Satan had laid before my feet to trap me in his net. I was blind and being lead by those who were also blind. I was very unaware that I was about to fall into a ditch and perish for all eternity. Every day that I had lived was a blessing from God and another chance to repent and turn from my wicked ways. I was already half way through my first year of grad school and when I returned people immediately took notice of my difference…. click here to read more









All sermons by
Ricky Trudeau

Brother Rick and Brother Tanner Trudeau’s Testimonies

7/13/2011 (WED)
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All sermons by
Jesse Morris

Testimony of Jesse Morris

5/17/2011 (TUE)
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  1. I prayed to God for wisdom and saw hell. I cried out to God days later after loosing all hope. I saw Christ on the cross suffering and sending me a message of hope 2000 thousand years ago. He paid for my sins so I would be set free. Without knowing the hell my sins deserve, I would of never truly came to the lord our Christ Jesus. Praise God!

  2. The Lord moved in Kokomo! Only sorry you guys had to leave so soon. March on Church Triumphant!

  3. hey this message is for rick and tanner trudeau. this is lukas. i just listened to your testimonies, my new brother jim hooley told me he thought they were on here, sure enough he was right. you guys need to call him, he misses you very much.

  4. wow

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