March, 2010:

7th- Around this day we plan to begin to travel up North from Texas. We plan to be around New York in about 6 weeks. If you desire for us to stop by and preach somewhere along the way let us know. One stop we plan to make is Missouri. Other stops we hope to make are Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, maybe Wisconsin, and others…..

21st- we plan to leave Missouri shortly after this day, Lord willing, and head to our next stop.

30th- We have arrived in Kokomo Indiania. We preached on Indiana University in Kokomo, and, stopped by IV Tech Community College.

April, 2010:

2nd–>4th- Hope to be in Inianapolis for the Final Four Basketball games for open air preaching to the spectators. If any other is going to evangelize feel free to message us that we may combine our efforts as the Lord Omnipotent may lead.

8th- We are now in New Haven Indiana, looking to do much work here for a week, or as long as the Lord would lead. Contact us if you wish to meet. Churches, College Campuses, house meetings, youth, streets, open air meetings, prayer……..

15th- Possibly leave New Haven Indiana about this time.

May, 2010:

We have left Indiana and are on our way to New York. The colleges are about to be out, there can be no campus preaching until they are re-populated around August. Until then, we intend to be, wherever the Lord leads, and as long as He continues to lead, in New York City, Manhattan, and other places.

7th- We are presently in Pennsylvania, next stop New York City.

8th- Hope to arrive in New York this day.

16th- We are presently in New York, on Staten Island, hoping to find a parking place that we may accomplish work in Manhattan.

27th- We are presently in Pennsylvania preaching at meetings.

June, 2010:

6th- perhaps around this time we left Pennsylvania and we went eventually made it to upstate New York, Saranac Lake, where Shawn Holes was busy selling his house. Did ministry there for a while, preaching a number of nights.

13th- Ryan preached at a Church

19th- We are on our way to Dallas / Arlington Texas to help establish a church there. Hope to make it there with one short stop in Memphis, Lord willing.

28th- Presently working in Arlington Texas open air preaching, teaching, and seeking God that He would establish a church in His Name.

July, 2010:

25th- Kent and Eliza’s wedding

August, 2010:

13th–>15th- Kingdom Fellowhsip Weekend in Pennsylvania, Sean is speaking at a camp fire discussion.

September, 2010:

11th–>19th- Around this time we plan to be in Tobermory camp in Canada preaching at some conference meetings. Ryan and Sean are scheduled to preach.

October, 2010:

23rd- Plan to be at Jake Gardner and Hannah Phillips wedding, all three of us will be preaching Lord willing, it may be located in Missouri.

November, 2010:

24th–>28th – Oregon. We will be having Thanksgiving Day dinner at the home of brother Roger Hertzler and his family(Watchman Gospel Signs), along with brother Shawn and sister Lisa Holes(Luke Ten Two), and brother Ken Fleck. We will be preaching Friday the 26th at the Autzen stadium for the Oregon v. Arizona football game. We plan to leave Oregon for Idaho on the 29th or 30th.

December, 2010:

3rd – Hannah and I (Jake) will fly to Missouri where I will preach at Ryan Ringnald’s wedding. We plan to drive from Springfield, Missouri on the 8th or 9th and arrive in Boise, Idaho sometime soon after. If you live between Springfield and Boise and would like for me to preach, or go out on the streets with you, or just to meet, call us: (469) 583-6937. While we are in Boise we will be staying with the Holes family doing ministry in that city and around to the neighboring states. Please give us a call.

March 2011

– much work being perpetually accomplished in Texas, and to be continued via Church of Arlington.

– Some brethren in California ~ Masao, William, Kevin, and Jordan. Contact us if you desire to meet with them.

– considering a trip to NYC, PA, Texas ATM, San Antonio, and elsewhere Lord willing.

April 2011:

4th –> 9th: Chris, Masao, Kevin, Brett, Tanner, Ricki, and more (Lord willing) doing labors, upon air preaching, and meetings in Colloge Station, Texas A&M.

4th –> 7th: Jake Gardner, Ryan Ringnald, and William Pierce are in Indiana. They are recently heading to Kokomo Indiana.

~ Prayerfully considering a trip to PA and NYC soon.

August 2011

Three trips at hand – men at work in PA (Sean Morris and Christ Faulkner), men at work in California (William, Eric, and Masao), and men working in Houston (Cory, Kevin, and Patrick).

5th-17th – working in PA (Sean and Chris), working in California (Eric, William, and Masao). Contact if you desire to meet with them.

18th – Lord willing, (Chris and  Sean) will be heading to NYC for some work.

Ohio, NYC, and PA are all possible locations of further work in this month – if none are the leading of Jesus then we will return to Dallas.

29th – All are returned from California and PA – Chris, Sean, William, Masao, Eric are all back in Texas.

September 2011

~ Ministry in Texas – prayerful missions in Third Ward Houston, Texas A&M College Station…



  1. I’m so glad you guys were able to come to our revival conference in Salado Tx. You guys were such a blessing to all of our hearts. Come again 🙂


  2. you guys should come to Mountain View College in Dallas. It will have a brand new area to preach from. lots of fat fish.

  3. you guys should stay more in nyc area gbu guys keep up

  4. Hi, just wondering if you would be preaching at Union Square or in NYC anywhere between the dates of Aug 8th – 11th? Thanks!

  5. Hello, Please let me know if you are coming to Minnesota.
    Thank you.

  6. hey bro how ya been god bless

  7. It was really great to meet a couple of you young men this weekend at Maranatha’s family camp.

    Thanks so much for what you are doing to further the kingdom of God. This world needs more people who will stand for Jesus, the Truth, unabashedly.

    Perhaps you are already acquainted with the message of the Saving Life of Christ (in particular, how we are to appropriate His Life moment by moment). Here ( is a link to some sermons by a man who preached this message. In particular, the one entitled, “Christ Imparts Life”, has been a blessing to me.

    May the blessing of God be upon you! And, as the Apostle Paul once said, may “Christ be formed in you.” Oh, mystery of all mysteries!

  8. Guys, Paul and I just want to say again how much of an answer to prayer you represent to us!! We are the ones who talked to you in Mt Vernon, Ryan and Jake, and we prayed for Jennifer. We are serious about keeping you in prayer along with our own children on a daily basis! Also serious about the invite to come and stay with us if you ever find yourself needing a rest in Mid-MO. We have a small farm, and horses that like to be ridden, etc. Until we meet again, Fight the good fight!!

  9. Would like to see you guys again at Covenant Word Ministries Fayettevill, Arkansas with Keith Daniel next year. Maybe he will let you preach some next year 🙂 My husband and I will pray for you guys!
    God Bless Always!

  10. Great job at Lamar highschool in Arlington many kids effected by the word of the lord

  11. When you come to Missouri in October, you’re welcome to come to Kirksville and stay with some young men here. It’d be a real encouragement for those here that open air preach as well. (Our pastor is Charles Leiter, in case you’ve heard of him).

  12. Come to Houston

  13. Hey Guys,

    I met Sean at a revival conference in Wales in November.

    Are you preaching anywhere near Minneapolis in March 2011? I have an open door to come to America for a season and, God willing, would love to meet up with you guys and preach Christ crucified!

    Much love in Him,


  14. Dear children of the Almighty God,
    If it be at all possible, it would be greatly appreciated if you could come to Abilene to speak aloud the truth of the gospel to the lost souls in this section of the “Bible belt”. You never see open air preaching here and I believe it would be both of blessing and encouragement to experience that. The “Christian” universities here are full of sadly lost people (including professors) and the churches filled with pews of lukewarm people that will call themselves Christian and yet deny Him in every way with their lives. I have been there too so I am not trying to exalt myself in saying these things, but I desperately desire for the truth to be declared and Christ to be made known here. When you get this could you please respond to me and let me know whether or not you will come (by the email i provided above- I praise Jesus Christ our Lord for your faithfulness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the ministry He has placed you in.

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