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The Word of Our Testimony

Our Church Family (with two missing)

To help you as you navigate this very extensive post, we have provided first a brief outline:

I. Various Testimonies – Here are provided testimonies of both salvation as well as our dealings with many of those who have of late spoken against, not our persons – for those matters are not ours to defend, except it effect the witness of the gospel – but against the name of the Lord in whom we stand, and whose ways we seek to uphold.

II. Extensive Answers to Frequently Asked Questions – In this section we seek to extensively answer many questions which are often and many times maliciously asked, and all too often behind our backs. Following the Preface is a series of questions which, when selected, open documents which we have written for the express purpose of opening and clearing these questions through the Scriptures.

III. New Media – Here we have provided a video and many recent sermons that have been preached, both evangelistic and doctrinal, which may, as well, inadvertently answer many questions of open inquirers.

*Please check back as we will be making significant updates on this post over the ensuing days.


I. Various Testimonies
As Well As
Our Dealings With Those Who Have of Late Slandered, Not Us, But the Name of The Lord In Whom We Stand

We have been maligned and hated, but for the truth, and we do hereby, in the following effort, step forward to testify to the internet world. Below, and firstly, there are hyperlinked testimonies, both of salvation and of defense against certain false accusers, and sadly, some of those are our close kindred. Though we are sad, even shattered at heart, we are still glad in the Lord: “As sorrowful, yet alway rejoicing” (2 Cor. 6:10). We must endure and hope for the God of truth to triumph in an age of venomous compromise, even as astonishing events unfold before all of our eyes which, doubtless, are at least preparatory for the Great “Falling Away” (2 Thess. 2:3) which was prophesied beforehand to come. With these testimonies we do ask, we plead, hear the right and judge the truth – if this be a work of God or no – “The word of our testimony.”

An Account of the Work of God in My Life And Dealings with My Carnal Family, Especially My Mother Susan Southworth By Justin Southworth
The Testimony of Jordan & Nicole Fraker Concerning Jan Bard
The Miraculous Guidance and Restoration of a Once Backslidden Christian Made Whole by Cory James McLaughlin
A Mighty Work of God: The Salvation of Miranda 
The Wondrous Redemption of an Eleven Year Old by Carolyn Wiegand
How God Saved Me and Led Me to A Biblical Church by Troy Dannenberger
From Death to Life: The Salvation of a Sinner by Brett Michalk
My Testimony by Autumn (Keyes) Trudeau
Salt by Stephanie (Brasell) Bailey


II. Extensive Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

In a generation that proves itself to be, generally speaking, contrary and resistant to the Spirit of God, it becomes the bounden duty for those to whom, like David, God “hath shewed light” (Psa. 118:27), to let that light so shine that all the house, long hidden in obscurity and seated in darkness, may be lightened thereby (let him that readeth understand what I say). Thus we have obliged ourselves, in Spirit, to write unto you the following statement in hopes to declare and clear ourselves on perhaps the foremost controverted of all of the doctrines which we have subscribed ourselves to in word and deed, in ink and blood. Yea, and we have so set our heart to obey the “voice behind us”, though it be often drowned in the flood of slander and libels cast upon us by the very mouth of that great dragon, that we have not only subscribed our lives, but our very deaths to it as well! Even as our Captain heard no more voice from heaven in his hour of temptation, but still could answer the affirmative, “It is written!” And when conducted up his final boulevard, with no ministering angel singing its divine sentences in his ear, but only mocks and jeers compassing him as skin the sinew; albeit, he set his face to the sacred mount with joy and desire burning to the very floor of his heart!

Thus is our heart to stand with and for, not merely a doctrine, but with the very Person of truth, who deigns to take upon him the very title: The Truth. This is who we have avowed ourselves to.

So with no more building of the porch, I will conduct you into the house, and pray you will not flee through the back door, or from a window, but rather stay awhile – handle the decorations, test the furniture, eat the food – and may we hear you say ere long, with Peter, “It is good for us to be here” (Matt. 17:4).

For God’s Remnant,
Jake Gardner
“I understand persecution, but from the godly?”
“Only God can judge, you can’t.”
“You don’t know my heart.”
“You are tearing families apart.”
“You are cutting off family members from their families.”
“You guys are Legalistic, and you don’t understand GRACE.”
An Open Response To Steve Smith & “Liberty For Captives”
“How do I know if I am unconverted?”
“An Alarm to the Unconverted” by Joseph Alleine


III. New Media



Both Lord & Christ

Sean Morris


MON 09/24/2012

Sunday – PM | 153 min

The Church In the Wilderness Pt 1

Jake Gardner


SUN 06/10/2012

Sunday Service | 106 min

The Church In the Wilderness Pt 2

Jake Gardner


SUN 06/10/2012

Sunday Service | 52 min


Jake Gardner


SUN 08/12/2012

Sunday Service | 37 min

Do You Want To Be Free From Sin?

Jake Gardner

SAT 10/06/2012

Wedding | 57 min

The Love of God: To Saints and Sinners

Jake Gardner

SUN 09/23/2012

Special Meeting | 84 min


At Thy Sacred Feet I Bow

Ryan Ringnald

TUE 10/02/2012

Sunday Service | 84 min


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